Waste Bin Rental Tips For Your Next Project

No matter what your experience level is with home improvement projects you’ll likely have to rent a waste bin or dumpster eventually. Usually used for spring basement cleanouts, small or medium sized demolition jobs, or roofing they are crucial to getting your project done on time. Nothing is worse than having labour on hand and having to worry about the removal of trash or demolition debris. Finding a qualified and affordable waste bin rental service in Ottawa is not hard and will save you tons of time, effort and ultimately get your home renovation project moving along quicker than if you tried to remove it yourself.  Getting the best deal is what most Ottawa homeowners are worried about so we’re going to give you our top three tips for making sure you don’t pay too much for your dumpster rental needs.

Don’t Make These Roll Off Waste Container Rental Mistakes

The first thing many people overlook is that there are different types of waste containers available and hence priced based upon your needs. When you are booking your container make sure you know what type of waste you’re going to need hauled away as well as the rough volume of waste you’ll have. Whether it’s recyclable, loose dirt, or just regular trash there is usually a pricing difference and a difference on the type of waste that can be removed. If you rent a dumpster and end up putting waste into it that wasn’t approved you could incur steep fees. For example placing dirt or soil into a recyclable dumpster won’t fly since those materials go into different landfill sites. Avoid these problems by knowing the type of material you’re getting removed and not mixing it with something else.

Further, try to get guidance on the best size of dumpster needed for your specific project needs.  Normally sizes can range from ten to fifty yards, and a few different heights. If you estimate too small, you might not be able to get a container last minute, and even if you can the prices may not be the best. Also, not all containers can be filled to the absolute capacity, so be sure to verify this with the rental company you’re dealing with. Our best recommendation is to guess a size higher and know exactly where you’re going to be setting it down. The reason for this is the height differences can cause issues with the drop off and pickup. These companies aren’t very sympathetic since they work with contractors on a regular basis, so make sure you nail down all the details and you’ll avoid costly mistakes.